How many skincare products do you use on a daily basis? Have you ever felt overwhelmed, wondering which order you should be applying them in? It turns out, order does matter.

The skin’s job is to keep things out, but our skincare products contain ingredients we want to get in. Only small amounts can penetrate the skin, which is why the order of application is incredibly important. Dr Heather Rogers, dermatologist and dermatological surgeon, agrees.

Did you know that, when applying your products, you should pause between each one to allow full absorption? Between five and 30 minutes is ideal, depending on the product. For best results, you should apply from thinnest to thickest – ie. liquid to oil.

Start with products that need to penetrate the skin, such as antioxidants in serum, and end with products that need to sit on top of the skin, like emollients in moisturisers.


– Cleanser
– Toner
– Serum
– Eyecream
– Spot treatment
– Moisturiser

– Cleanser
– Toner and boosters
– Eyecream
– Serums, creams and pads
– Mask or oil
– Moisturiser / night cream